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The Imperative for Increasing Real Time Vertical Atmospheric Measurements To Enable the Transportation Automation Era

The importance of the Weather Enterprise’s drive to improve forecast precision and accuracy to support a Weather Ready Nation grows more critical every day. Society’s vulnerability to environmental events is increasing with more frequent and severe weather events that threaten lives and property; growing urban and suburban populations that require greater movement of commerce within […]

What Drives Efficiency at Ports?

This week, TruWeather Solutions attended the American Association of Port Authorities Convention in Miami, Fl.  Bethann Rooney, Assistant Director, Port Commence Department, The Port Authority of New York and Steve Cernak, Chief Executive/Port Director at Port Everglades, articulated thought-provoking case studies during the session, “Enhance Efficiency in and Around Your Port.”  Key themes included intermodal […]

Are Human Forecasters still needed?

If those who see the impending demise of weather forecasters (ARSTechnica Article Link ) talk with operational meteorologists–folks who have the immense responsibility to produce warnings and forecasts in real time–the general consensus would likely be that until automated forecasts are able to forecast the weather that matters most to protect life (e.g., tornados, convective […]

A Visit to Capitol Hill

Last week, we accompanied the American Meteorological Society (AMS) on a visit to Capitol Hill for the AMS Congressional Visit Day (CVD).  The program was run by the staff at the AMS Policy Program Office, led by Ya’el Seid-Green. The goals of CVDs are to: Help AMS members learn about Congress; Build relationships between our […]

There Will Be 20 Million Self-Driving Cars On the Road by 2025

The article specifically calls out weather as a challenge to overcome in safely operating self-driving vehicles.  There are no affordable technologies to implement a true all-weather driverless car today.  TruWeather Solutions is partnering with industry leaders in the weather and traffic business to help tackle this challenge with unique data sources and tools to allow […]