TruWeather Is Recognized As Contributors For Job Growth In CNY



TWS is deeply embedded in Central NY, participating in pilot programs and testing to accelerate and refine decision platforms for the UAS industry. It is a rewarding experience for us to invest in the Central NY Region and bring STEM jobs to the local and regional economy.

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Startup Using Weather Data To Improve Drone Flight

From the Albany Business Review:

May 4, 2018, 2:40pm EDT Updated: May 4, 2018, 3:25pm EDT

A weather startup is creating jobs in upstate New York, and partnering with University at Albany to get better forecasts for drone operators. TruWeather[…]

And The Winners Are...

TruWeather Solutions won the 3rd place, $400,000 prize, along with the Fan Favorite Award, in the GENIUS NY business competition on Monday, April 9th.  GENIUS NY is the world's largest business competition for Unmanned Systems, as well as a business accelerator, run by CenterState CEO and The Tech Garden located in Syracuse, NY.  TruWeather was one of six[…]

First Responders Are Increasingly Deploying Drones

First responders are increasingly deploying drones to rapidly assess a situation and target rescues for those in need.  TruWeather understands the challenge of identifying micro-scale weather threats to ground transportation and drones.  We are leading a micro-scale road weather proof of concept project on Interstate 81 in Virginia that transportation[…]

Thailand Project Case Study

Outdoor Event Safety

TruWeather Solutions was one of the six finalists for Genius NY:

[av_textblock size='' font_color='' color=''] TruWeather wants to thank the Governor, The Empire State Development Corporation, CenterState CEO and The Tech Garden for recognizing our innovative approach to UAV weather risk management. This award will have a positive impact on UAV industry safety and productivity, and contribute to the development of UAV[…]

The Imperative for Increasing Real Time Vertical Atmospheric Measurements To Enable the Transportation Automation Era

The importance of the Weather Enterprise’s drive to improve forecast precision and accuracy to support a Weather Ready Nation grows more critical every day.

Society’s vulnerability to environmental events is increasing with more frequent and severe weather events that threaten lives and property; growing urban and suburban populations that require greater[…]

What Drives Efficiency at Ports?

This week, TruWeather Solutions attended the American Association of Port Authorities Convention in Miami, Fl.  Bethann Rooney, Assistant Director, Port Commence Department, The Port Authority of New York and Steve Cernak, Chief Executive/Port Director at Port Everglades, articulated thought-provoking case studies during the session, “Enhance Efficiency[…]

Micro-Weather Data Fusion Can Accelerate Fielding of Autonomous Transportation Systems

This week the Unmanned Systems Institute Conference on unmanned aerial vehicles, and semi-autonomous and autonomous vehicles was held in San Diego, CA.  The conference was more akin to a workshop, where industry technologists with car and unmanned aerial vehicle equipment manufacturers and sensor manufacturers; guidance and communications systems experts;[…]