Letter from CEO
It’s not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change.

– Charles Darwin


      Whether or not you embrace The Theory of Evolution, Charles Darwin’s words relate to the rapidly changing technological and business environment we are experiencing today. Business margins are getting tighter and it is becoming more challenging to remain price competitive. Adaptation and agility is the key to thriving and growing in an increasingly complex, interconnected world.

Charles Darwin      After retiring from the military, it was my focus to unleash the latent power of mature and proven science and technology “bottled up” in academia, science labs or small emerging businesses without a quick path into government or private sector weather solutions. I experienced the frustration of seeing the great science and technology ready for operations being delayed in reaching the public and weather sensitive industries and businesses. The free weather products on the web or through the government are important and relevant, but because they are general and not “fit for purpose” for a decision around a specific application, or the scale required, they add an element of uncertainty to what could be a very important or costly decision.

      With the growing emergence of the private weather sector and information technology, there is more precise weather data to characterize what is happening now, will happen in the near term and in the longer view at a more granular level than ever before.  There are software analytic and visualization solutions to cull the most important elements of this vast data and focus it on your weather sensitivities, at a more precise location, for a specific application.  When this is easily experienced, the payback can be enormous in terms of reduced public and workplace incidents and unproductive time, increased business margins and happy stakeholders and clients.

      Do you know what weather really costs you?  Do you think these costs are part of life or the price of doing business?  Do you want to improve safety in the lives of those around you?  Do you want to cut costs without reducing your workforce, the quality of your product, or increase price?  Do you believe what you get for free is the best the meteorological community can offer?

      TruWeather has the expertise to help answer these questions and then build a weather plan fit for you—to reduce weather risk to the public, your workers and your bottom line.  We do this through our vast operations experience, agile information systems architecture and by exploiting the best science and technology from an ecosystem of innovative partners, that may or may not be available from other weather offerings on the market.

      Our lives are filled with complex decisions where weather adds an element of uncertainty and chaos.  We long to find simplicity in making those decisions.  Our approach, tailored for you, your mission and/or business, will provide you an advantage to better predict, plan, prepare and execute consistently for any type of weather scenario.


Wishing you simplicity and success,



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