The Resiliency Of Operations

Our scalable IT architecture incorporates our proprietary GPU predictive modeling and fusion of available data, giving you the translation of actionable insights needed for efficient operations. By making weather part of the planning process, it will provide more confidence in decision making.

With over 33 years’ experience in operational weather services and a critical understanding of the aviation and logistics industries, our live forecasters provide additional resources for risk communication.


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TruFliteUAS™  links client strategy, predictive weather analytics and execution to enable Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) pilots, schedulers, and dispatchers reduce weather uncertainty and increase flying hours when weather is a factor.



Your Strongest Resource

TruWeather will drive down weather uncertainty by a fusion internet-of-things data collection and micro-weather detection systems, producing very precise weather predictions for where drones fly. 

Built For Speed

Our proprietary models use Graphic Processor Unit (GPU)  acceleration technology and generates machine learning algorithms that will translate weather data for the operator into simply flight path go/no go indicators.  TruWeather will detect fine scale weather.  For example, a nearby hill top will affect the winds coming down the valley,and the nearby lake may affect temperatures that impact icing or battery life.  As society and businesses become more dependent on drones and scheduled services, TruWeather’s product known as TruFliteUAS™, will provide “weather for drones” and generate 40% more drone fleet flight time when weather is a factor.